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Boardroom sessions


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BMO Global Asset Management

Fund: F&C Property Growth & Income

Speaker: Marcus Phayer-Mudge, Fund Manager

Property: Remains a cornerstone of income generation

Property continues to be a valid diversifier, with income driving long term return prospects. The devaluation of Sterling post the Referendum has contributed to heightened expectations of imported inflation alongside the increased likelihood of increasing short term rates. However the longer end of the rate curve is not rising commensurately, as expectations of economic growth in the UK remain subdued as investment and consumption continue to be deferred ahead of March 2019. Against this backdrop, a high, real sustainable income remains a core element of many portfolios and fixed income just won’t deliver. We will also explain why out portfolio, the F&C Property Growth and Income Fund, has resolutely avoided owning any physical retail property in the UK as the sub sector continues to suffer value destruction from structural pressures (omni channel buying habits) as well as a cyclical downturn (weakened UK consumer confidence).  


First Trust Global Portfolios

Fund: First Trust Dow Jones Internet UCITS ETF

Speaker: Gregg Gurerin, Senior Product Specialist

The Power of Thematic Investing - Progression of the Internet

The internet continues to radically transform our lives and impacts many aspects of human life and business today. First Trust feels blockchain technology has the potential to change the world’s technology infrastructure and have as much as the internet did in the 1990’s and continues to do.

First Trust has been on the cutting edge of Thematic ETF solutions for our clients. Gregg’s presentation will talk through the power of thematic investing, the future potential of the blockchain and our newest transformational technology blockchain and internet UCITS ETFs.


Morgan Stanley Investment Management

Fund: Morgan Stanley Global Brands

Speaker: Alistair Corden-Lloyd, Portfolio Specialist

Future-Proof Your Portfolio: Morgan Stanley Global Brands

Market environments always change and sometimes this change is more violent than others. What matters from a long-term sustainable return perspective is not whether one can predict the outcome, but whether the companies we have investment in are well placed to weather even the more severe potential outcomes. Alistair Corden-Lloyd from Morgan Stanley’s International Equity Team offers a high quality global equity solution from challenging markets.


Merian Global Investors

Fund: Merian Global Emerging Markets

Speaker: Nick Payne, Head of Global Emerging Markets

Advantage of Terrain: How to Spot Winning Companies

Emerging market companies with sustainable profits and returns on capital have found ways to benefit from their competitive position and economic terrain, argues Nick Payne, manager of the Merian Global Emerging Markets Fund. A company that enjoys a structural competitive advantage - a ‘moat' as Warren Buffett called it - can generate persistent profitability and strong share outperformance over the long term.



Fund: GIS Capital Securities

Speaker: Matthieu Loriferne, Executive Vice President and Credit Analyst

The opportunity in Capital Securities – is there still value for investors?

The fundamental story for bank capital continues to improve with capital ratios increasing, especially in jurisdictions like the UK where the regulator is particularly hawkish. In the Eurozone banks are incentivized to increase their capital cushions to meet stricter capital requirements (e.g. Basel IV) and allow a faster clean-up of their balance sheet, which is particularly topical in Italy where banks are now targeting more aggressive NPLs reductions. The recent widening in spreads and the move higher in bond yields have led to more attractive valuations, but how has the investment case evolved and where is it headed?


SVM Asset Management

Fund: SVM UK Growth

Speaker: Margaret Lawson, Investment Director

Finding Stocks that Capture Tomorrows Economy

Company analysis matters; many sectors in the UK face disruption by new business models and online competition. Traditional businesses should be worried. Active managers can tilt their portfolios towards emerging businesses and the blue-chips that genuinely have a competitive edge and growth strategy. Margaret will illustrate this with some of her favourite stock-picks.