Programme List - Fund Selector Summit Channel Islands 2019


08:30 - 09:10

Registration & Breakfast

09:10 - 09:15

Introduction & Welcome by Investment Week

09:15 - 09:40

Plenary - Hermes Investment Management


Tim Crockford, Lead Manager, Hermes Impact Opportunities 


Impact investing - Embracing emerging growth opportunities that emerge from the transition to a more sustainable future
Gone are the days when investing sustainably meant giving up returns. Savvy investors are already using quantitative ESG data to avoid companies that destroy shareholder value and underperform. But a new style of strategy - impact investing - goes beyond risk mitigation, and seeks to harness the emerging opportunities presented by the challenges facing the world's population and the environments we live in. Tim Crockford, Lead Manager of the global Impact Opportunities Fund will discuss how Hermes Investment Management seeks to identify and invest in companies that are positioned to help countries achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with the aim of generating market-beating returns.

09:45 - 10:50

Boardroom Sessions 1 & 2
Columbia Threadneedle Investments and UBS Asset Management


Columbia Threadneedle Investments

Mark Heslop, Portfolio Manager

Fund: Threadneedle (Lux) Global Smaller Companies Fund

Seeking quality global companies with sustainable competitive advantage

Global smaller companies provide an excellent universe for active investors to generate alpha. Unconstrained by regional boundaries we can hunt for investment opportunities in a relatively inefficient part of the market while getting the purest exposure to attractive growth themes. Portfolio Manager, Mark Heslop, is a long term investor that seeks to invest in high quality companies with sustainable competitive advantages and strong growth dynamics; companies that can genuinely create shareholder value.


UBS Asset Management

Peter J. Bye, Portfolio Manager and Managing Director


10:50 - 11:10

Coffee Break

11:15 - 12:20

Boardroom Sessions 3 & 4
Aviva Investors and Carmignac 


Aviva Investors

Shawn Mato, Senior Portfolio Manager

Fund: Aviva Investors Global Convertibles



Obe Ejikeme, Quantitative Equity Analyst

Obenomics: Are we nearly there yet?
The Quant Outlook: Sentiment has shifted from being bullish to bearish, cyclicals are under pressure and volatility is on the rise. However, the biggest risk investors will face in 2019 is being too pessimistic in the face of a potential "Recovery". The million-dollar question is: are we nearly there yet?

Quant models shifted in 2018 from "Scarce Growth" to "Capital Preservation", suggesting a rocky road ahead for equity investors. In this environment of rising volatility and rotations into defensive equities, generating positive equity returns was clearly going to be a challenge. As we venture into 2019, there are ample reasons to remain cautious. However, by exploring the current state of the investment cycle, our quantitative equity analyst Obe Ejikeme will reveal where to look for the first signs of a "Recovery".
While 2018 was a time for caution, 2019 could well be the time to seize opportunities in areas of the market where sentiment is overly pessimistic.



Lunch & Close of Conference